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practice with a person

Practice With A Person!

You're doing well in your learning of a new language with whatever method or program you've chosen, and are at a point where you want to practice what you've learned. What better way, than to find someone else who speaks the language? There are a variety of … Read Full Article

best language learning software

3 Best Language Learning Software Programs

When it comes to learning a new language, jumping on a plane and heading abroad to be totally immersed in the language you are learning might be the ultimate solution, but for most of us, it`s far from being a possibility. There are other ways out there to … Read Full Article

french grammar exercises

French Grammar Exercises

Vous voulez parler en francais? Well, good news. There are a wide array of products ranging from interative websites, to workbooks, to software and games which will allow you to master the language of love. One important part of learning any new language, … Read Full Article


Lingualia: An Introduction and Review

Lingualia is a new online language learning program (complete with mobile app) that gives you the opportunity to learn either English or Spanish with the help of artificial intelligence teacher, Lingu. As we're focusing on non-English language acquisition … Read Full Article